1. I’m starting a series about what you gain from following my Flowing Ribbons Tutorial video and twirling ribbons

The best reason for doing anything is enjoyment so this is number one benefit for getting out your Flowing Ribbons.  This may seem frivolous but there is a solid reason behind it that is especially valid in keeping body and mind healthy and functioning well

The body is a very clever, self-regulating entity, governed by its central control system – sometimes called the brain or the central nervous system.  Both these terms can be confusing so I call it central control.  The main role of central control is to protect the whole being.  When we are in danger, it uses various strategies to alert our conscious selves to take action, such as pain, stiffness, numbness.

Many of us take our bodies so much for granted that we only notice when we get these unpleasant signals.  Just as important are the good feelings we get when we do something beneficial.  For example, shaking the arms to release tension.  Ooh that feels so good!  When we’re in touch with the body we notice those good feelings more and tune in to what the body likes.

When we experience pleasure, central control triggers release of so-called “happiness chemicals”.  There are 4 of these, Dopamine, the reward chemical; Oxytocin, the love hormone; serotonin the mood stabilizer; endorphin, the pain killer.  When we do things that are good for the body, for example, doing exercise, doing self-care, walking in nature, swimming, these chemicals do their work, for example in helping the immune system function.  They give us a feel-good sensation, so we want to do it more.  Like everything else the brain does, the origins are all about survival. Here’s a short video from the Inner Mammal Institute that explains in a fun way a bit about the happiness chemicals.

Knowing this helps us understand how important play is and that is should not be exclusively the domain of childhood.  Play helps the whole being function better.  When we are not in touch with the body we look to professionals to tell us what kind of exercise we need to do – which often involves strain and pain!  An easier and more productive route is doing what feels good.

So, playing with twirling and fluttering ribbons, which looks and feels gorgeous may well do more good for us than any amount of physical training – and it’s brilliant for our mental wellbeing, which is turn means we function better.  Take regular time to do something fun, like, for example, Flowing Ribbons!  Enjoy..