Supporting Seniors

Personally tailored ways to support mobility,
improving balance, stability and confidence

Would you benefit from support to stay active?

  • Is walking becoming too much effort?
  • Do you struggle to get up from a chair?
  • Are everyday movements getting less fluid?

Do you think this is an inevitable part of aging?  Let me work with you to reverse some of these changes!  Drawing on broad experience, my one-to-one sessions guide you to improve balance, stability and confidence.  This can include

  • tips on walking with greater ease
  • moving to music
  • Mobility Solutions (subtle movements that can have a big impact) click here to view the page
  • balance and stability exercises


Most of us know that walking is good for keeping the body in shape. But what if walking is already very tiring so you can’t do it for long? Perhaps it’s not our age but how we walk that makes it tiring? Most of us don’t pay attention to how we walk – it’s automatic, isn’t it? Could it be that we have slipped into habits that unconsciously hinder our walking?

I can help you rediscover your natural ease in walking, with a swing in your step and using the whole body. You may start to feel steadier and less fearful of falling. Then it follows that you will be able to walk further with greater ease because you are making better use of the body’s built-in aids. If you use external walking ‘aids’, you may find over time that you rely on them less.

Whole body walking takes little effort

Moving to Music

Moving freely to music is an ideal way to keep the body lithe – it’s fun and it’s what the body loves.  In contrast, doing the same repetitive exercises is hard on the body and mind!  Variety of movement helps the brain keep the whole body alert. Plus, we have all the delight of responding to music.

There are no steps to learn, there are no wrong moves, and the focus is on pleasure!  Letting the body move how it wants to can be enormously liberating for mind and body.

Why is my service special?

We hear a lot about exercise for healthy aging, and information is readily available such as this one from Age UK. But what if you can’t get to a class, and are not motivated to do exercises on your own?

My solution is I come to you and support you in ways that are helpful to you. Often the best results are from gentle, non-vigorous movements that may subtly change the way you move to make it less effort.  The best results stem from kindness rather than force.

Why do this?

We make choices every day about how we move, mostly unconsciously. Every time we do normal movements, it reminds the brain how to do it, and keeps the neural pathways active. Doing less means being able to do less – and who wants to have to have help to wash and dress?

The good news is the process is reversible, and I can help you make a start. I believe I have a responsibility to keep myself well as far as I can, so I don’t have to call upon health and care services that are in danger of becoming overwhelmed.

We urgently need a change of thinking about movement, fitness and aging.  For fun, have a look at these tips from people who stay healthy into very old age.  Bear in mind it’s aimed at a USA audience.

Contact me

If you are open to new ideas, curious and attentive to your body, and want to become more mobile, I would love to work with you. Please contact me to discuss how I might be of service to you.


Typical charge is £50 for a 2-hour session