Flowing Ribbons Tutorial

Joyful free-flowing movement!

What is Flowing Ribbons?

Have you ever watched Rhythmic Gymnastic Ribbons and marvelled at their grace and beauty, thinking it’s out of your range? When you watch a child playing gleefully with ribbons on a stick, do you wish you could join in? Adults need play too!

Flowing Ribbons is like Gymnastic Ribbons without the gymnastics!  It’s playful and joyful movement for all ages.  It’s moving expansively and flowing freely with grace and abandon.


The Tutorial

I have created a video tutorial to give you a foundation for rediscovering your free flowing movement.  It lasts 40 minutes, and in it I introduce you to the ribbons, give you a flavour of what you can do with them, and show you some basic moves and why they are so good for us.

I can incorporate Flowing Ribbons into my one-to-one work with you and am available for group work.  See my other services Mobility Solutions and Supporting Seniors

Watch the introductory video →

We don’t have to do vigorous, tough exercise to stay mobile throughout life. What we do need is variety of movement and joy in moving, and this is what Flowing Ribbons offers. Variety keeps all the body functioning optimally, and the joy gives us double benefit.  See my You Tube Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9F00LfJxNi7rvRcgHesKFA

“It’s amazing!  I found that I could do something that I had thought was not quite possible before.  I find some things very difficult to coordinate.  However once you get the rhythm going, it takes over automatically.  Something you can do with you good hand, when you try and do the same with your bad hand, it takes a little while, but it comes.”

Bill (left hand affected by stroke)

Chandlers Ford Stoke Association Social

“I love it, it’s inspiring”



“Seeing your tutorial brought home how good this is for the body and it really makes me want to move with the ribbons!”



“I love it! I do it most days. I feel so much better after I’ve done it. It boosts my circulation and loosens my tension. As soon as I started doing it, I felt my usually stiff shoulders relax! “



“It’s like painting in the air, making beautiful flowing shapes or runes. It brings you into your body. Lovely doing it to music. When I watched the tutorial, I was absolutely engrossed, it was so gorgeous. You look radiant, and come across genuine and with integrity. I’m enjoying using the ribbons, especially the big arm movements, it feels really good.”

Barbara Cohen


“I’m impressed with the tutorial. It takes you through it very methodically, how the wrists, lower/upper arms, shoulders, knees etc need to move to create the different ribbon shapes. I really like that it is divided into sections so you can just watch parts of it when you want. It makes me want to go back and be a bit more thoughtful about what I’m doing physically and to take the movements into my knees more. Doing these moves certainly loosens up my upper body and I find it quite aerobic too. It is a lovely flowing thing to do.”

Maggie O'Connor


“It looks fantastic. It is well presented and very easy to follow. You have done a brilliant video”.



Flowing Ribbons Tutorial Video

The tutorial costs £30.00 for a link to the 40-minute video and 2 ribbons sent to you by post (UK only at present).
Watch the introductory video below.
To make a small investment in your enduring wellbeing:

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Alternatively order by emailing me with your name and postal address.

What do you get from Flowing Ribbons?

  1. Fun
  2. Motivation to move
  3. Variety of fluid movement
  4. Improved balance and poise
  5. Focus on ribbons means it doesn’t seem like exercise
  6. Joyful movement – the best kind
  7. Looks gorgeous even with simple moves
  8. Good for the whole body
  9. Brings smiles to people who see it
  10. Intergenerational
  11. Can be done small or big, gently or vigorously
  12. Effortlessly expand range of movement
  13. Letting go of anxiety
  14. Release of happiness chemicals
  15. Improved coordination
  16. Creativity
  17. May change the way you think about exercise!

Flowing Ribbons and Dementia

Short video suggesting why the ribbons are so good for people living with dementia.