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Movement and Mobility

How May I Help You?

I work with individuals and groups who want to stay mobile

I am donating a percentage of my takings to Communicare via Work for Good.
I admire the work Communicare does in the community,
which is based on similar values to mine.

Supporting Seniors

Supporting Seniors

When walking gets tiring, and getting up from a chair is an effort, come to me for personally tailored ways to help you regain your verve and vitality!

I can help you improve the way you walk in subtle ways that make walking feel more stable and less effort, so you can walk further with pleasure and confidence.

Typical cost: £50 for 2-hour weekly session
Free 1-hour initial consultation

Mobility Solutions

Mobility Solutions

Enhancing Movement Freedom

A set of short movement sequences that are gentle and subtle, which can aid a return to natural ease of movement.

Keeping the body moving well does not need to be vigorous or forceful!

Typical cost: £30 for 1-hour session
Free 1-hour initial consultation

Cycling Tuition

Cycling Tuition

Do you want to ride a bike – but find the idea daunting? Come to me for skills and confidence. It’s never too late and beginners are especially welcome!

Cycling is a brilliant activity and valuable skill set, especially now.  I will help you become a confident and competent rider, from bike control skills through to best practice on roads. 

Cost: £50 per 2-hour lesson.
The link below takes you to my Sound Cycling website.

Mobility Facilitator
Mobility Facilitator

Eleanor van der Hoest

Hello, welcome to Ways to Move.

Most of us take moving for granted, until something goes wrong – following injury or illness, or a slow change over years.  If walking has become tiring, do you accept it as part of aging?  If you are beginning to get a few niggling aches and pains, maybe adjusting the way we move can prevent these becoming more serious in the future.  Let me help you rediscover freedom in moving with balance, stability and confidence so you can stay active for longer.

I believe we need a fresh look at aging, movement and self care.  When our bodies are released from unhelpful habits, our natural ease of movement can be restored.

My passion in keeping myself well as I get older, has led me to investigate ways to move that I can share  with others.  Contact me to discuss how I might help you

Other Services

Computer Skills

Do you feel left behind in using a computer? I offer private tuition to help you connect with your folks at a distance and use your computer for what you want.

Computer Skills

Flowing Ribbons Tutorial

Make a small investment in your enduring welling and in my enterprise by ordering your tutorial.
The 40-minute tutorial comes with a pair of ribbons on a baton sent to you by post.

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