Mobility Solutions

Enhancing Movement Freedom at any Age

How would it feel to restore the natural ease of movement the body enjoyed in childhood?  This programme works towards that feeling of freedom.

A set of short movement sequences (“processes”) following verbal instructions that you can then practice at home. These are small, gentle movements that can have a surprising effect on the ease, comfort and flow of the body.  You might feel more grounded, more relaxed, less strained.  The sequences are not energetic or vigorous and there is always a pause for the body to absorb them.  The movements are slow so we can notice what is happening in the body.

While the focus may be on a particular part of the body, we are always reminded that all parts are integrated in the whole. Doing something very small with the toes may have a positive effect on the spine, for example.

Solutions is part of the Movement Intelligence created by Ruthy Alon.  It is based on the holistic principles of the Feldenkrais Method®, which aims to help the body move more harmoniously with natural ease and grace.  

Mobility Solutions is available in a group or one-to-one setting.  
I can integrate it with other mobility and movement work.  

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“I have been aware that my posture is poor, particularly when walkin.  Since Eleanor has been working with me I have moticed much more the position of my head in relation to my body, working together as a whole, and this has been very helpful.  Other exercises have also been very useful for relaxation”


One-to-one client

“I really feel my muscles are relaxed, my posture is better, I have no aches and pains. If I have over-strained something e.g. gardening, I now know what to do to relieve it, whereas before I would just suffer. It’s a simple way of dealing with tension resulting from bad habits, without relying on vigorous or stressful movements.”



“After doing Feet 1 (Revitalising the toe) My balance immediately improved. Afterwards I was walking on different parts of the foot. It made a profound difference – my centre of gravity was in a better place. I hadn’t realised it was out of alignment.”



“When I have gone for walks I have found your guidance very helpful and I’m sure I have improved my stamina and fluidity. I am also more confident and have been on muddy paths that I would have avoided before. I did a nice three mile walk yesterday, for example, in the countryside near Compton and Oliver’s Battery.”


One-to-one client

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Current charge for one-to-one is £30 for a one-hour session.
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