Movement in all shapes and forms is important throughout life and especially for young children. Play is not only fun but essential for learning. Since the playgrounds are closed ecabuse of Covid19, I see a lot of children out with their parents in the park walking or cycling, which is great. I notice also, that there is little other activity, such as skipping along, skipping with a skipping rope, jumping, climbing trees (someone will say that’s not safe), running, larking about. Let imagination run for ideas when there is no prompt from apparatus. I appreciate it’s tough without one’s playmates!

Children need to move about as freely as possible within the restrictions and your concept of safety. I was much encouraged seeing two little girls in the park exploring and carefully climbing down the slope towards the river, climbing on railings etc, under supervision from and without interference of dad. Most people’s declining mobility in ageing is as a result of limiting movement more and more, sticking with habits that don’t help us. When movement is fun, it’s easier to keep having lots of variety of moves throughout life which will stand us in good stead for physical and brain health into maturity.

Watch this TEDx video on the importance of play.